Membership at the Lithuanian PPP Association

Natural as well as juridical person who works or is interested in the field of public private partnership can become a member of Public Private Partnership Association (henceforth PPPA). Person who would like to become a PPPA member commits to paper to comply with the PPPA members’ obligation and agrees to pursue the implementation of mutual aims of the association.

In order to become a member of PPPA, firstly it is required to get acquainted with PPPA regulations, to fill in a membership application and fax it or email scanned version. A person becomes a member of PPPA, as soon as the board agrees on candidacy and an applicant pays the entry fee and a part of yearly payment for quarter of running calendar year.

NThe fee is transferred to the PPPA bank account.


PPPA Membership Fees:

1. Entry Fee

Juridical person – 500 Lt;

Natural person – 200 Lt

2. Yearly Membership Fee:

Juridical person – 1000 Lt;

Natural person – 500 Lt.


Rights of the Association Member:

  • to participate and vote at general membership meetings;
  • to use service provided by PPPA;
  • to get acquainted with PPPA documents and receive all information available about PPPA practice;
  • to secede from PPPA at any time. In this case entry contribution and membership fees or property and funds passed to PPPA will not be refunded;
  • to make suggestions about PPPA practice, receive and distribute information about the Association;
  • other rights stated in legislation and regulations.

    Benefits of Membership:

  • opportunity to receive timely information regarding PPPA;
  • communication and cooperation with the other members;
  • special events: conferences and seminars;
  • special offers for training;
  • various discounts for seminars, conferences and for the other events.

    Member of the Association is obliged to:

  • to pay membership fee by determinate order;
  • to implement legal decisions of the Association;
  • to provide the Association with accurate information essential to the implementation of its aims and goals and the performance of its functions.

    If you would like to become a member, get acquainted with the PPPA regulations and fill in the membership application.

    "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro